Are you happy with Minecraft?

This Minecraft makes the impossible a reality.

Beginner friendly
Even if you are new to Minecraft, you can easily play!
Contact Us
Please contact Kontarou#4190 on Discord.
Inquiries are always accepted. We will reply to you as soon as we confirm.

You can play with [Java]1.9~1.16.5(Latest edition) *Recommendation of 1.16.3

【No MOD required】Souzou Server 24H,You can play anytime

Have fun with everyone, Comfortable, Stable economy, Items I have never seen, We are operating for a new experience.

What is voting?

If you vote, you will get coins that can be exchanged for various items. Replace with building materials, Exchange for money, Replace with tool, Don't plant it!


How should I live?

This server has the same atmosphere as other life servers. However, there are many elements that other servers do not have.

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Command list

Press the button to see the commands you can use.